All Inclusive Vacations To Varadero, Cuba

The beach town of Varadero in 1870 was home to wealthy Havana residents who were looking to travel to an exclusive resort area. And with the 20 km (12 miles) of pristine white sandy beaches, the inevitable crowds continue to flock to Varadero every summer to experience sheer bliss over and over again.

Being an exclusive beach town, Varadero is of course known for its natural beauty. Located on a vast bay within the Hicacos Peninsula, this quaint town offers a slew of ecological perfection. The Hicacos Peninsula is home to Varadero’s Ecological Park, where tourists hike through an unbeaten path to caves with unique ancient paintings on the rock walls. The curve within the peninsula creates the perfect place to lay along the beach and explore the sandy shore. El Patriarca, Guama Monuments and Yumuri Valley Bridge are notable ecological attractions that showcase traditional houses of indigenous Native Indian inhabitants, and breathtaking views of the Yomuri Valley. If you’re keen on historical aspects of a town, venture of to The Municipal Museum of History or the Casa de la Cultura los Corales that showcase Cuban folklore and art. With over a million tourists annually the beaches of Varadero are some of the best.

Varadero is easily accessible as it is just an hour away from Havana. Needless to say if you’re looking for some old town charm, venture off to the old town of Havana for a day trip. While visiting things to note; the currency is Cuban Peso, the national language is Spanish, when a red flag is posted out on the beach, don’t go swimming as there is a strong under towed, and getting around town couldn’t be easier by taking the bus, renting a car or hoping on a train to see the sights.

Varadero boasts a whole lot of natural, pristine perfection. With all-inclusive resorts lined along the beautiful beaches life certainly can’t get any better than this.

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