All Inclusive Vacations To Santa Clara, Cuba


Santa Clara was founded in 1689 is the capital city of the Cuban province of Villa Clara and is located in the most central region of the country. Santa Clara is most known as the battle site for the Cuban Revolution in 1958.


Weather: 18 C – 35 C
Hurricane Season: June through Mid November
Language: Spanish
Currency: Cuban Peso
Culture: Mexican & Spanish

Getting There & Getting Around

Travel to Santa Clara is extremely convenient as it is the home to the Abel Santa Maria Airport which services central Cuba as well as the popular resort destinations located around it.

Once in Cuba the best way to travel is by bus. The only buses tourist should use are those operated by Viazul. Víazul buses are modern and have washrooms on board. These buses are not used by locals and makes it a safe and easy way to get to where you’re going.

Rental Cars
Rental cars are also a great option that will allow you to visit attractions that not in town as well as allowing you to experience Cuban culture. The legal age requirement to drive in Cuba is 18. While many roads are in acceptable condition, some are severely neglected and highways do not have lights so it’s dangerous to drive at night. There is usually not a lot of traffic, since most cannot afford a personal vehicle.

Trains are a convenient way to travel between cities, but most trains are in disrepair and can be uncomfortable. Train schedules are often changed or delays so make sure you have a current schedule.


Ernesto Che Gueveria’ Masoleum and Museum
View the burial place and Cuba’s most famous contributors to the Revolution.

Monumento Museo Provincial de Historia
This is where the last battle of the Cuban Revolution took place and a train used in the battle has been converted into a museum that displays weapons and other cool artifacts.

Museo de Artes Decorativas
This museum has collected many art pieces that date back to the 18th century

Natural Spring Baths of Elguea
Despite it being 130km outside of Santa Clara, many tourists come here for the healing and health powers associated with the springs from its high content of sulphur.

The Parque Vidal
This park dates back to the creation of the villa and was once a place where singles would come to meet others. Now the park is a recreation hub providing the community with plays, games and even bull fights!

Restaurants & Nightlife

Bar Club Boulevard
Independencia #225 e/ Maceo y Unión, Santa Clara, Cuba
This club hosts live performances that will have you dancing in the Cuban spirit.

El Sabor Latino
Esquerra No 157 btwn Julio Jover & Berenguer
This restaurant serves Cuban cuisine with options of chicken or pork with sides of rice, tostones, bread and more!

Las Casona Guevara
San Cristobal (Eduardo Machado) No. 58 e/ Juan Bruno Zayas y Villuedas, Santa Clara 50100, Cuba
This restaurant has a number of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as an assortment of dessert and wine options.

Paladar Hostal Florida Center
Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) #56 e/ Colon Y Maceo, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Set in an of colonial building this place is serving up local Cuban cuisine.

Peña El Mejunje
Marta Abreu #12 e/ Zayas y Lubián, Santa Clara, Cuba
This bar has a large following throughout all of Cuba and is a favourite with the locals. They offer many live performances and programs everynight of the week from plays to poetry readings and live music.

Piano Bar El Dorado
This piano bar has an energetic following among visitors and locals alike.

Plaza de la Revolution
In the plaza there are sometimes free concerts held for the community.

Hotel Santa Clara Libre, Santa Clara, Cuba
Located on the hotels top floor this bar offers a spectacular view of the city from it’s terrace.

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