All Inclusive Vacations To Cuba


Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean is considered a Caribbean jewel with its tropical oasis awaiting you every mountain, plain and beach you succumb to. No matter where you venture off to in Cuba you will fall in love with its rich history and vibrant culture. One of the wonderful things about Cuba is that there are over 289 white sandy beaches, 200 bays and this perfect tropical oasis spans 750 miles long, just enough space to get lost in the beauty of a place. You can easily book a vacation to Cuba in a matter of seconds, and no matter if you head off to the big city of Havana or the beach side town of Santa Lucia, you’ll fall in love with it’s natural beauty. Cuba is a popular destination for large groups to travel to on an all-inclusive vacation, as it’s a perfect place to not have to worry about forking over the bill after a night out on the town.
If you have a love for Salsa dancing, cigars and rum, than you really couldn’t have chosen a better all-inclusive vacation destination to land upon. Cuba is famous for all three creations and is very well proud of its accomplishments. So whether you’ve come to Cuba to take up Salsa dancing, or you are more interested in the hot sun beating down on you, no matter what beachside city you venture off to, you will certainly want to be coming back here year after year.

Top Cities:

  1. Varadero
  2. Cayo Coco
  3. Santa Clara
  4. Holguin
  5. Havana

Top Beaches:

Crystal clear, white sandy beaches, certainly that is enough said. Cuba boasts a whole lot of prestige when it comes to its beaches, as they’re a thing of beauty. Some of the most notable beaches in Cuba are Varadero; Cuba’s premier beach-resort town, Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena; quaint connected beaches, Cayos Coco; tiny cay located off the north coast, Playa Ancon; a perfect beach, and Guardalavaca; Cuba’s prettiest resort town. No matter which beach you land at, you will find tranquility and calmness the second you reach the sandy shores of Cuba.

Currency, Culture, Language:

Currency – Cuban Peso
Culture – Spanish
Language – Spanish & Castilian

Attractions & Things To Do:

While in Cuba you’ll experience a little bit of old, mixed in with crystal clear beaches wherever you turn.
Eco-tourism plays a large role in the Caribbean Islands, and certainly in Cuba. Venture off to Las Terraza to experience 5,000 hectares of eco-tourism or stroll through Soroa’s 25,000 hectares of natural reserve park trails, certainly eco-tourism at its finest. Sierra Maestra is the longest and highest mountain range in Cuba, and therefore is a sight to see. The Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra and Parque Nacional de Turquino are some of the best spots to go out hiking for the day. The Vinales Valley is also a great spot for nature lovers with caves to explore, trails to get lost in and rock climbing like no other.
With its rich history Cuba is known for its museums and architecture. Old Havana is one of the main tourist attractions in Cuba as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The architecture of Old Havana is historically brilliant. The Catedral de San Cristobal in Havana is a popular tourist attraction, as well as the museums in Havana and the Casa Velazquez museum in Santiago de Cuba.
And of course, you can’t leave Cuba without going to the beach. Go snorkeling, sailing, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, or spend your days lounging along the sandy shores.

Dining & Nightlife

Many resorts in Cuba are all-inclusive which certainly takes a load off of where to dine every night. Some of the best restaurants are found in Havana. Roof Garden Restaurant offers a French-inspired menu, Café del Oriente is one of the most elegant restaurants in Havana, El Templete is fine dining at its best and La Guardia is one of the most famous restaurants in Havana.
If you’re looking to dance the night away, some of the best nightlife can be found in Havana. The Tropicana is the original cabaret in Cuba, La Zorra y El Cuervo is the best jazz club and El Gato Tuerto is a great place to ensure the eclectic nature of a night on the town. If you’re looking for an authentic Cuban experience venture off to Santiago de Cuba to Casas de la Trova or Casa de las Tradiciones, both unique in their own right.

Why We Like It:

It’s not hard to realize why someone can fall in love with Cuba; it’s a perfectly manicured island of the Caribbean that boasts a whole lot of perfection no matter where you turn. We love this island because of its array of attractions and adventures to partake in. From everything to snorkeling to learning of the history of the place, it’s really easy to extend your all-inclusive vacation here.

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