All Inclusive Vacations To Runaway Bay, Jamaica

With a name like Runaway Bay, you’re perfect oasis in the sun is certainly awaiting you; now of course only if you’re ready to runaway. Runaway Bay is located on the northern coast of Jamaica, and boasts a much quieter and less crowded white-sandy beaches than that of Ocho Rios, a beachside city 16km (10 miles) away.

As you embark on your vacation to Runaway Bay you’ll certainly fall in love with the quaintness of this place. The beaches are pristine and offer an ideal spot for a picnic. Paradise Beach and Cardiffall Public Beach are two of the very best in the town. Deemed as one of the best snorkeling spots in Jamaica, many tourists grab their gear and head out to the sea to capture views of marine life like never before. For the adventure seekers out there, venture off just a few miles east of Runaway Bay to go horseback riding, go reef diving or enjoy the morning on the green at one of the golf courses in the town. One of the most notable reasons tourists flock to Runaway Bay is because it is in the same township as Bob Marley’s childhood home was. Marley was born in Nine Mile, located just outside of Runaway Bay. Step into a world of reggae as you visit his childhood home and walk through the Bob Marley Centre.

Day trips to Ocho Rios are very common if you’re looking for a larger beachside city. The best time to visit is from December to early April and on February 6th of each year there is a large celebration in Nine Mile for Bob Marley’s birthday.

With the simplistic nature, pristine beaches and hot sun, Runaway Bay is certainly a spot many love to runaway to.

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