All Inclusive Vacations To Panama

One of the loveliest things about Panama is that the seclusion it boasts. As many travelers veer off to Costa Rica or Guatemala for a tropical vacation in Central America, Panama is one of the few places that hasn’t be bombarded with tourists from around the world. That of course isn’t to say that Panama doesn’t cater to tourists, it’s in fact the opposite, it’s just that people would rather spend a week in the sun on a jam-packed beach, but we guess to each there own. Fall in love with the tranquil, tropical oasis you will stumble upon when you book an all-inclusive vacation to Panama. With lush tropical rainforests, some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and forests that span the country, there surely is no doubt that you will be mesmerized with the picturesque landscapes of the country. Considered one of the newest must-see destinations in Central America, Panama displays its vibrant culture, rich history, and economic growth in a way that has drawn over one million tourists throughout the years. Panama, as an up and coming destination is still relatively cheap to travel to, and so many backpackers venture here to take in the beauty of the sun beaming down on them on the beaches all the while not having to break the bank on their backpacking adventure through Central America. If you are looking for a little rest and relaxation, and aren’t too keen on crowds, than Panama will surely be your new favourite destination.

Top Cities:

Panama City

Top Beaches:

If you are looking for pristine beaches, the over 1,000 islands of Panama is where you’ll want to travel to. As the coastline of Panama isn’t considered the most picturesque along the Caribbean Sea we scoured through the country to find you some of the very best beaches. The Pacific Beaches of Panama are known for its luxurious all-inclusive resorts and high-class beachside communities. Bocas del Toro is home to some of Panama’s most mesmerizing beaches, Cayos Zapatillos, two perfectly manicured white sandy islands are the best spot to go on a snorkeling excursion. Boca Chica is known for its deep blue waters and quaint eco-lodges, Isla Coiba has some of the best diving and snorkeling in Central America and Kuna Yala islands are where the palm trees are flowing, the blues of blues waters are spotted and the beach is a thing of perfection.

Currency, Culture, Language:

Currency – Panamanian Balboa & US Dollar
Culture – Panamanian Culture (derived from European and Spanish cultures)
Language – Spanish

Attractions & Things To Do:

Panama is known for its picturesque views and quaintness, but little did you know, adventure awaits you at every corner of this country. If you have a love for the ocean, than you’ll want to go surfing at Bocas del Toro. With beginner and advanced waves, depending on the swell, you can test out your new board here. Go white-water rafting or kayaking in the Chiriqui Viejo Rivers where Class III to V rapids rush through the river, scuba dive around Isla Coiba’s national park, trek the Camino Real; a cobblestone path that formally transported gold, get your binochuluars out to bird watch along the Mogue River, go fishing along the coast or zip-line in Boquete. Panama is also home to some pretty picturesque national parks. Visit Volcan Baru National Park or La Amistad International Park in the Chiriqui Highlands, the 350 idyllic islands of Kuna Yala Comarca, the pristine rainforests of Soberania National Park or The Natural Metropolitan Park in Panama City. Panama City is home to Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, casinos, the Ancon Hill rainforest, world-class golfing and hand-woven creations by local Natives.

Dining & Nightlife:

Of course Panama City is where it’s at, and so if you’re looking for a place to dine, or to spend out on the town, than you’ve come to the right place. Venture off to Madame Chang’s Chinese restaurant, one of the hippest restaurants in Panama City; Palms, the most popular restaurant; Market or most innovative restaurant; Manolo Caracol. Many of the resorts in Panama are home to some brilliant restaurants as well, and so check out the menu before you venture off to explore the food of Panama.
Panama City is home to some of the best nightlife in Panama. Go barhopping to Bar Tinajas, Opah, BLG, or Habibi’s; some of the best nightlife in town. Rock Café is one of three large clubs in the Plaza Florida and is home all-you-can-drink nights like no other. Wine bar is one of the best spots to indulge in the finer things in the world, wine and Zoomba is where the music just keeps on going.

Why We Like It:

Panama isn’t hard to fall in love with because it has much to offer its tourists at very reasonable costs. Deemed as an up and coming tourist destination, we love Panama so much because of its natural brilliance and un-crowded views of the perfect beaches here. So if you have a love for a bit of adventure, mixed with a whole lot of tranquility, than Panama is the spot for you.

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