All Inclusive Vacations To Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Located on the north shore of Jamaica lies a quaint, vibrant fishing village where perfection is found within any adventure you partake in. Famous for its James Bond appearance the spot boasts way more than a little bit of Hollywood.

The village is all about stepping back to nature as you embark on adventures along the shore and in the village itself. One of the most prized possessions of Ocho Rios is the famous Dunn’s River Falls, located just seconds from the village. The waterfalls, as they cascade over rock terraces down a 600-foot cliff to the sea are certainly mesmerizing. Guided tours are frequently offered along the falls where the stones are now embedded into a trail to walk through the cliffs. Swim, dance to the music, or capture a photo here, you’ll fall in love with this spot. If you’re looking for something that still offers a way to see the sights of Ocho Rios, but not on such an extreme adventure test, than go horseback riding along the shoreline, sail through the crystal clear Caribbean waters, explore the flora and fauna along the coast or venture off to the shops for the day. Many of the resorts along the way have wonderful spa packages that certainly are icing on the cake for your all-inclusive vacation here.

There are a few things to note when traveling to Ocho Rios, when departing you’re required to pay a tax of approximately $15 at the airport, you require a passport to get into the country, and the currency is the Jamaican dollar, with US accepted.

Explore the adventures of Ocho Rios and you’ll be changing your departure date the second you land in this quaint town.

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