All Inclusive Vacations To Mazatlan, Mexico

Deemed as The ‘Pearl of The Pacific’ tourists flock to Mazatlan to experience a vacation like no other. Located on the northeastern side of Sinaloa, Mazatlan is known for its perfectly manicured beaches, rich history and lush flora and fauna.

If you have a love for the water, than Mazatlan is the perfect spot for you to get your toes wet. With a rich underwater biodiversity, scuba diving and snorkeling adventures are what draw tourists here on a yearly basis. Las Tres Islas, the three islands offer some of the best snorkeling sites. This beachside city is also home to some of the very best dive sites in Mexico. Playa Norte is part of the city’s main bay and is home to a spot where expert divers dive. Venture off to Creston Hill, where the world’s highest operational lighthouse is located, truly a beautiful spot to take in a perfect panorama of the city. Spend the day enjoying the eclectic archiecture of Mazatlan as you venture off to The Mazatlan Catedral, Salon Valentino, or visit Casa Municipal de las Artes. Whatever site you stumble on, you’ll fall in love with each one. Mazatlan is also home to brilliant surf spots, quaint arts and crafts vendors and world-class golfing.

The city is home to festivals like no other. Carnival is held six days before Lent starts, which entails days of dancing, prancing and music. The Sinaloa Arts Festival is held for two weeks in October and showcases the artistic talents in the town and beyond.

Mazatlan is deemed as The ‘Pearl of The Pacific’ because of its perfection on and off the shore.

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