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Just 50 miles off the coast of Florida lay the 700 islands of The Bahamas. The islands are lavishly sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of brilliant blue ocean. As you embark on your journey to The Bahamas you probably won’t be able to make it to each of the 700 islands, but you surely can try, of course if your vacation here for a year or two. One of the lovely things about The Bahamas is its perfection and adventure all matched into one all-inclusive vacation. While in The Bahamas you will be encompassed in history, luxury, serenity and sheer bliss like no other. It’s as though you step onto one of the islands and you fall in love with all of its perfection, it really isn’t hard to fall in love with this place. One of the best times to visit The Bahamas is during the winter months as hurricane season passes through during the summer and autumn months. There are two main islands in The Bahamas that tourists venture off to, unless you are eager to get lost in the remote villages of the smaller islands, we suggest keeping your all-inclusive vacation to Nassau/Paradise Island or Grand Bahama Island. Each of the islands offers panoramic views of white sandy beaches and luxury like no other. Venture off on a sailing day trip, snorkeling the barrier reefs crystal clear waters, scuba dive at some of the most unique sights or fall in love with the most picturesque beaches on the islands. The world of perfection awaits you as you embark on your vacation to The Bahamas.

Top Cities:

Paradise Island

Top Beaches:

The beaches of The Bahamas are known for pristine white or pale-pink sands that stretch as far as the eye can see. Cabbage Beach, located on Paradise Island is deemed as The Vegas of The Tropics as many beachgoers to this beach are still recovering from the previous nights’ party. Pink Sands Beach, on Harbour Island spans the eastern side of the island and of course is known for its perfectly pale-pink sand and breathtaking coral reef. Cat Island, on Southern Bahamas, is where the crystal-clear waters and palm trees encompass a relaxing vacation by the sea. Stocking Island and Saddle Cay are popular beaches on Exumas that offer white-sandy beaches and easy access by boat. Xanadu Beach on Grand Bahama is the perfect spot to enjoy a little rest and relaxation and Cable Beach on New Providence Island is known for its 6.5km (4 mile) stretch of perfectly manicured shoreline.

Currency, Culture, Language:

Currency – The Bahamian Dollar
Culture – Bahamian culture (hybrid of African, European and other cultures)
Language – English

Attractions & Things To Do:

The ocean is calling you, along with its many ocean activities that the islands boast. Take to the sea as you embark on a sailing adventure that explores the miles and miles of perfection that we deem as The Bahamas, go deep-sea diving at one of the 25 diving spots, go windsurfing, bodysurfing, fishing, kayaking, swim with the dolphins and stingrays or go on a shark encounter. No matter if you like a little adventure or a lot along the coast, The Bahamas has it all and so much more. If you’re more inclined to take to the thousands of square miles by land, than go on a hike through The Out Islands. The Bimini Nature Hiking Trail is home to some perfectly rare glimpses of the island that not many get to see. Explore Andros Island’s idyllic nature or venture onto Cat Island where a religions retreat, The Hermitage stands on the top of the mount. Some notable attractions are Atlantis Blue Hole, The Andros Lighthouse, The Bahamas Historical Society Museum, The Barrier Reef off the shore of The Andros Island, Bay Street on Harbour Island and Nassau, Hamilton’s Cave, one of the largest in The Bahamas. Each adventure and attraction awaits you here in The Bahamas.

Dining & Nightlife:

With the resorts on The Bahamas offering all-inclusive vacation packages, there is no need to venture off to another resort, but if you feel the need to explore than venture off to The Bahamian Club at Atlantis, Sun and… in Nassau, The Landing on Harbour Island or Mangoes Restaurant on Marsh Harbour. Each offer eclectic Caribbean cuisine or international cuisine that showcases the brilliance of the local food and chefs.
Dance the night away as you embark on a night on the town on Paradise Island or as you stroll along Cable Beach. One of the main spots to venture off to is The Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino where an 800-seat theater and casino floor makes you believe just touched down in Vegas. Paradise Island is home to the notable Atlantis Paradise Island, a resort like no other where you’ll find discos, a comedy club and intimate bars located on site.

Why We Like It:

There are plenty of reasons as to why someone can fall in love with The Bahamas, and if 100,000 square feet of perfection hasn’t grab you yet, than you surely are missing out on a whole lot of perfection, beachside. The islands of The Bahamas are our favourite because they offer a vacation that boasts adventure at Atlantis, and simplicity on one of the hundreds of other islands that are just waiting to be explored. We love Atlantis so much and believe that everyone in their lifetime should visit this magical place, it’s a tropical oasis like no other.

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