Perfection At Crane Beach

You may be wondering why a beach is called Crane Beach, but once you hear all about the accolades, and see for yourself just how precious this beach is, you won’t care about the fact that the pristine beach got its name from seeing all of the cranes above the beach many moons ago.

Crane Beach, located on the island of Barbados, is truly a magical place. It has been deemed by Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous as “One of The 10 Best Beaches in The World”, considered number 23 in Top 100 Beaches in The World By CNN and is on BBC’s List of Top 50 Places to Go Before You Die. This beach is bragged about enough, but it certainly has a right to brag. With sparkling turquoise waters, a pink, powdery sandy shore, and accessible by a glass-front beach elevator from The Crane Residential Resort, the beach is a prized possession for Barbados. Dive into the lively waves of Crane Beach on a boogie board, take a stroll down the beach and wiggle your toes in the perfect pink sand, or enjoy a leisurely afternoon relaxing under a lovely umbrella looking out at the vast waters ahead. No water shoes are necessary here, as the water’s sandy bottom boasts well for those looking to re-fresh their bodies after being in the sun for the day. The beach is home to 24hour security and a lifeguard is on-site. Crane Beach is one of the best places to swim and boogie board, so take to the waters or simply indulge in relaxing by the seaside.

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